Game Engine Research

Unity is a platform for
creating and manipulating interactive and real-time 3D content. It provides the
tools to make amazing games and publish them to a wide range of devices
such as Windows, Mac, mobile platforms (IOS, Android), Head-Mounted Display
devices (Hololens, Oculus Quest), etc.

Unity has a large community
that provides a wide range of tutorials for beginner and professional people.
The community also active and supports learners and developers. People can
Search for a question and find the answer online for post questions on their
question and answer page.

Although it is hard for
beginners to set up at first because it has various versions, modules for
installing, once setup, you will find it really convenient and powerful to
create games. It has a large number of plugins and tools for download in the unity
store, and they are fits to create various kinds of games. With unity store or
open-source platforms such as GitHub, people may find they can find any tool to
achieve the game in their imagination.

The engine is expandable with coding
in C#. For example, it is possible to connect with other computational
languages such as python or javascript with the socket or other connection
protocols. It is useful for performing data management, communication,
interaction, and even improving the agent’s agency level in the game.

Here is the link to the
tutorials I follow to mod and create an FPS game.

Since I have a previous
experiment with Unity, instead of creating a game from scratch, I use an asset
from the tutorial and trying to mod it.

I imported the asset from the
Unity store, and it should some errors present below. 

Thus, it is not user-friendly
for beginners since they don’t know how to solve it. I search online why the
errors present, and I found that it may due to this asset is made by the old
version of Unity, and I am using the high version, which upgrades some of the
class of the code. Although I want to try to solve the error, it is time manner,
and I decided to download the 2019 version of Unity. Sometimes it wastes a lot
of time dealing with this.

Unfortunately, using the old
version did not work. I will choose another tutorial. 

Since I don’t like watch
video so the tutorials I was watching is base on the text. As long as I found
more tutorials on the official website of Unity is not well document. For
example, the learning animated Santa Using Scripts ( and physical interactions from scratch follow this
tutorial ( It wastes me a lot of time to due with them and can
not work.

Finally, this tutorial is
working and it is useful for learning character control in Unity. The 3D Game Kit Lite has been created for
teaching purposes and for game developers to create and design levels using the
3D Game Kit without the heavy art or audio Assets.

Following the tutorials, I am
able to make a walking character without coding. With this tool, it only
requires few clinks to generate a walking actor. Thus, although Unity is hard
to set up at first, once users figure it out first time, it is indeed a
powerful tool to make games.

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