Artist Statement

The projects that I completed for my undergraduate study mainly focuses on transforming regular 3-D objects into an interactive and dynamic visual piece. The goal for my projects is to build a bridge between the virtual and the analog by immersing individuals in a space where they can interact with inanimate objects via a reality headset. Ultimately, I am attempting to build a prototype of a smart and synthetic environment that can further improve the quality of human life

My background in digital painting and animation provides the skills to create virtual content; I believe that virtual graphics will create a seamless interaction between individuals and hybrid objects in these synthetic spaces. Currently, I am working as a research assistant in the Adaptive Context Environment Lab, which focuses on researching the IoT virtual agent system. Recently, we are working on the "Toward Visualization and Interaction with Hybrid Objects and Avatars" project, which aims to create an interactive virtual avatar of a plant. The avatar of the plant can perform different emotions based on the surrounding information. “The Last Cyborgian Plant” is my Capstone Project, which attempts to bring robotic elements to an organic plant, as well as to create a virtual body and environment.

“Harmony Space” demonstrates how I create an adaptive environment; meanwhile, “Personification Toy” focuses on creating a dynamic robotic pet. Finally, “Self-Driving Spider” demonstrates an artificial intelligence spider learning how to move by itself. The above projects provide individual contributions to my whole concept of the synthetic smart environment.

My artistic project shaped how I see the world and provide the answer to why I am in the current state. “Sunday Afternoon in High Park” and “Reproduction of Niagara Falls” are trying to bring the special moment in my mind to the real space. The 3d laser cut sculpture of the memory in High Park, and the small installation, which with digital rendering print CNC mining, of Niagara Falls indeed immerse the people in virtual content in physical space. However, they are still inanimate objects. This problem pushed me to engage in learning to code, while also attempting to figure out ways I can bring other individuals to interact with these virtual objects.

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