Drawing at School

In China, most middle school students’ ultimate
goal is to get a high score in the exams (limited in serval subjects) for
entering a better university. Thus, most students can not expand their interesting
areas, which do not appear in the exam list. Rather than allowing the student
to extend their skill on what they are enthusiastic about (such as art, music,
sport), teachers would force students to spend more time learning the knowledge
for exams.

In terms of my experiment in this educational the system, since I was enthusiastic about drawing and painting during my middle
school year and didn’t care about the exams, I had to avoid the teacher
catching me spend time on drawing in class, after school (teachers governed our
activities since I lived at school at that time). The experiment of avoiding
teachers catching me on the drawing is the primary of my personal game. It can
be developed into two scenarios, i)in class drawing with teachers walk around
and using textbooks or other tools to confuse the teachers, ii)for the after-class the section in the self-study course at night, I need to go to the drawing studio
located on upstairs of our classroom and avoid the patrol teachers.

The sketch above presents the basic scene of how
I draw in the class under the desk on the sketchbook. The sketch shows where
the teacher is and the tools I can use to hide my sketchbook and confuse the

This sketch shows the interaction and the logic
to play the game. I have tools selection for confusing the teacher, such as a
textbook, Pens for taking notes. After selecting the tools, I can start drawing
with three states, i)drawing with gazing on the teacher, ii)focus on drawing,
iii)stopping drawing.

Finally, for the in-class scenario, I designed a
simple UI for users to play my game. One button on the left to select tools and
the right one is for dawing and sliding for focus. The sketch also presents
that how the teacher would walk around the classroom.

The second part of my game needs to control the
character going to the studio from the classroom during the self-study section
at night. In order to make the game playable, I add one more floor for the
player to reach the drawing studio. There are teachers who will walk randomly
on these three floors, and the character should avoid face to face with them by
hiding in other classrooms.

The image presents below is the basic scene of
the classroom setup. It is a first-person-view game will the character sitting
on the chair and facing the blackboard. It shows that the teacher will stand in
front of the character.

The image below is the second scene of the game
of going to the drawing studio.

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