Self-Driving Animation

Group project/2018

Tag: Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning, Spider Robot

Toolkit: Unity, ML-Agent, Projector

Role: Training Tensorflow Model, Spider Creator

Group Menbers: Jian Guan, Tian Cao, Minghui Huang

In this project, all the movements of the robotics are completely original through training in reinforcement learning, which allows it to generate corresponding movements itself. By using Unity, we built a ground divided into different squares, which can be triggered by the robots to play music. For this project, we want to marry art and artificial intelligence—aesthetics and science—through music. Given the rapid development of technology, AI is likely to reimagine our lives in the future. We wanted viewers to experience the power of AI by personally engaging in its creation.

Contribution: i) Designing the visual elements of the virtual robotic spyder, and ii) Training the artificial intelligence model in ML-Agent (Provided by Unity) through reinforcement learning.

Clink to my individual independent study research support the above project

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