Decentral Virtual Abstract Machine


Tag: Decentraland, Ethereum, Blockchain, Metaverse

Toolkit: Decentraland SDK, Typescript

It is an interactive installation in my land in Decentraland, the lands in this virtual world can be owned by users in Ethereum through blockchain . Currently, Decentraland still in close-bate, but I am one of the lands’ owners and can develop content for my land. I believe that in the future, there should be a virtual world to mirror our physical world, which people can engage in. Moreover, blockchain is a great technique to verify the ownership of virtual content.

I created a virtual robot and virtual interactive installation in my land for people to enjoy. The position and rotation of the users on the land will affect the movement of the robot. This project aims to explore the ownership of virtual content and privacy in the digital space.

Link to Decentraland:

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